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House Samuel

Karachi, Pakistan

Within a few decades Karachi has developed explosively into a city of 23 million inhabitants. Because of terror-related incidents and the high rate of crimes on its streets, Karachi is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities of the world. Poverty has grown along with the population. Children, especially those of Christian families, are often neglected and come from the poorest backgrounds. Their plight is shocking and heart-breaking. The “Educational Institute Charity” cares for about 100 children who have lost one or both parents. Two Christusträger Sisters from Germany run the Institute’s three homes and look after the children around the clock, assisted by German and local staff.

Our House Samuel cares for 26 boys aged 9 to 20. Nearly all of them attend the Catholic “St. Jude’s High School” in two shifts, half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Homework and tutoring sessions are held at the House while the other half is at school. One older boy is completing a 4-year specialised nursing programme at the “St. James School of Nursing”. Another boy is in his first year of technical training at the YMCA Technical Institute (and hopes to obtain its three-year diploma).

The daytime “housefather” at House Samuel is Sabir. From his earliest childhood onwards, he grew up in the home along with his three sisters. After finishing school he worked for some years outside our home, then came back in April 2017 to help the next generation of needy children.

The Christusträger Sisters who are in charge in House Hanna which is five minutes away by car. They usually work at House Samuel throughout the day and if necessary they can be reached by phone anytime.

Breakfast and dinner is with pita bread (called chapatti) prepared by the boys themselves. Lunch is cooked by Aunty Parveen, who has helped us part-time for many years. The boys take turns in assisting her in kitchen service teams.

Every Sunday, two of our children help the local pastor to conduct the worship service with their songs, prayers and Bible readings. A special service for the 30 youngest children is held by two girls in another room. It is wonderful to hear our children singing Christian songs loudly and joyfully. Almost every second Saturday, youth and Bible study groups meet in our houses. With the good News of Jesus Christ and through faith in Him, a real and fundamental change can happen in the life of the children, that will carry them through hard times in their future.

With your personal sponsorship you can provide the support which makes it possible for a child to be brought up in one of our homes and grow into an active and productive member of society.

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

James 1 : 27 | The Bible